Monday, 6 June 2011

Microsoft press conference impressions

Just a brief mind dump of what I saw today

Microsoft started off with a showing of Modern Warfare 3. It was quick demonstration of a mission involving swimming through a flooded underground road and then into a more open area, laying explosive charges on a submarine. After which there is much shooting and explosions and a fast boat chase. Looked very impressive but standard for Call of Duty.

After that was a very impressive demo of the brand new Tomb Raider game. It involved Lara croft escaping capture from a mad man, through a network of caves. The game’s graphics looked amazing but there was a heavy use of QTEs which may be a bad thing, but they did look to be implemented well so I’m rather hopeful.

Following that, Peter Moore took to the stage to talk about Kinect in various sports games and then went on to introduce a demonstration of the new Kinect features in Mass effect 3. This functionality was just voice commands, they showed how you could speak dialogue options to activate them as well as using squad commands.

Then Ubisoft came on to show Ghost Recon: Future soldier. There was a brief pre-rendered trailer and then they showed off the kinect features in that game too. This involves weapon customisation, using hand gestures to flick through various attachments, you can also tell it to create guns specific to what you say such as “long range” which seemed really cool.

There was then a talk from Microsoft announcing a new dashboard. This new dashboard is completely voice controlled leaving you able to browse through video and games and then they announced new live tv streaming service along with youtube and UFC.

After that, they very briefly showed a Forza 4 video which looked graphically awesome but no real features were announced.

Then Kudo came on stage to announce a slew of new Kinect stuff including Minecraft, which was a real surprise. There he also announced Kinect Labs which sounds like a bunch of experimental software, like an app that takes your picture and creates an avatar with that image.

Then finally they showed a trailer to announce Halo 4 which looked awesome, but I have to say that i’m rather tired of Halo, though we’ll see if it’s any good in 2012.

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