Thursday, 16 June 2011

Microsoft goes insane, looking to use old controllers

Yesterday 343 Industries, developers of Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary, announced that they will be trying to get some of the old "Duke" Xbox controllers for Halo Fest at PAX later this year, while not announcing a full production run, the plan is much more cool than that. What has happened is that they've gone down to local stores and bought a bunch of old controllers second hand, the idea is to have them rewired and touched up to make them 360 compatible and ready for playing Halo.

While this idea does sound kind of cool, I have to say I hope this doesn't end up with a full production run. I always thought those old controllers were horrible huge messes that were awful compared to the ps2 controllers. I remember actually feeling a bit weird going back to the ps2 controller after having spent a day at my friends house on his Xbox just due to the fact that the Xbox controller was so huge.

I have to hand it to 343 though, they know how to cater to their fans. The idea of playing Halo with those awful controllers really brings back the memories I have of that Xbox original. The hours me and my friend would spend on bloodgulch and sidewinder, just looking for each other because it was only the two of us playing on those huge maps. Having the old controllers there will really help bring back the nostalgia for the people at PAX.

Also, for those interested in buying one, it is a possibility, though not through conventional means. After the show, they will be boxed up and auctioned off in aid of Child's Play, Penny-rcade's charity. So if you have some spending money and feel like giving to charity in exchange for a controller, you can head on over and get yourself one!

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