Monday, 27 June 2011

Online campaign actually makes a difference for once

A few days ago, a thread was started on neogaf, trying to gather a campaign to have Xenoblade released in the US. This campaign involved pre-ordering the game on since there was still a page for it.

While you could just dismiss it as another failed online petition that's not going to get any results, it seems to have done very well. The game has quickly reached the top of the video game chart, passing Zelda and the Call of Duty: Blackops ps3 bundle among others. Nintendo of America has since tweeted a rather vague but positive response of "Hey fans, we appreciate your enthusiasm. Look for more updates to come soon!" so it looks like that this has at least had an impact.

I think this is really great to see. A bunch of people getting together because they want to play a game so much. Making enough of a difference to get a small response from Nintendo and to get the game to number 1 on videogames. It's a great show of passion for games in general and it makes me glad that video games are my hobby.

It would also be great to see if this game actually gets released in America. The game is heading to Europe regardless so there will be a huge amount of translation work already done for the American audience. Nintendo America, are sure to see this and I think they should capitalise on this campaign. The work involved in bringing it over would be minimal and, from the popularity of the game, the profits looks to be rather high so I don't see why they shouldn't bring it over there.

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