Saturday, 11 June 2011

E3 Predictions: What I got Right and What I got Wrong

In the run up to E3, I went ahead and made some predictions. Mostly they were rather conservative but, I’m happy to say I think I got it mostly right. Today, I’m going to be looking at what I predicted and where I got it right, and where I got it wrong.

For Microsoft, it seems I got most of the Kinect stuff wrong. There was no showing from Milo, nor any currently announced Kinect games aside from Sesame Street. I was right however, on the fact that Rare would be there with Kinect Sports 2, and also that Kinect would be a huge part of the conference. It’s hard to deny that Kinect was the majority of that conference. I was also right in my prediction of a much more “hardcore” appeal this year, we did see MW3, Gears of War 3, the Halo remake, and plenty more along with “core” games with Kinect features. I was wrong though on the prediction of the Alan Wake Downloadable game.

It looks like I was completely wrong on both Bungie and Respawn having any presence whatsoever, but it is worth noting that I saw a large number of people wearing Respawn Entertainment dev team T-shirts, probably to show that they are around and defiantly working on something.

Finally, where Microsoft is concerned, I was bang on with my media features prediction! I predicted both youtube and streaming TV on the Xbox, have to say I’m quite proud of myself on that front.

For the Sony stuff, I have to admit that my experience of tthat press conference was running around LA, trying to find some decent WiFi to watch it live. Unfortunatly, I couldn’t find any spot so I haven’t seen the press conference. From the look of whats been announced, I’m pretty sure I was completely off, no sign of sorcery or the xperia play and only a few move games, i’ll be sure to watch the press conference once I get some access to decent WiFi.

It seems I was generally spot on with the Nintendo press conference. The Wii had a much smaller presence, with only a showing of Zelda: Skyward Sword, while the DS wasn’t at the conference at all. I was pretty good on my prediction of the 3DS presence during the conference, we saw Kid Icarus along with a few others. It does seem though, that I was wrong about the “slew” of 3DS games on the store. There were a few virtual console games but only 2 3DS ware games and they were both free. I was also wrong that we’d see the most announcements coming from it, I don’t remember any new games being announced, just currently announced games being shown.

The conference was completely dominated by the Wii U which was given a name there. While it was playable, it was only at the proof of concept stage. No actual games were at the show, so there was no one game that you could point to as the Wii U’s marquee title. That being said, what they did have on the show was excellent and some truly great concepts that I hope Nintendo expands upon.

So overall, it seems I have been pretty good with my predictions. Though I seem to have failed at predicting Sony’s lineup, both Nintendo and Microsoft I daresay I got pretty spot on with only a few errors. Let’s hope next year’s E3 is even better than this year’s!

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