Wednesday, 1 June 2011

E3 Predictions: Third Parties Part 1

Not long till E3 now. This week, I've decided to write down some predictions for what will happen for the different companies. Today I'm writing up the first part of what I think all the major third parties will have on show.

EA will have Battlefield 3 as their main game for the show, to go up against Modern Warfare 3. Games from Bioware will be there too, so Mass Effect 3 and maybe it might be time to announce Dragon Age 3, though I'm not going to be betting on that. Dragon Age 3 looks to be a late 2012 release and it's not in EA interests to announce a game that's not coming for another 18 months or so. I imagine they will also have more Kinect sports games on show and another sequel to the EA Sports Active franchise.

From what I've been hearing, Take-Two could have the game of the show. Bioshock infinite has had nothing but great previews before E3. The game is set to be amazing, and will be presented in a booth on the show floor which will be interesting to see. They might announce something coming from Rockstar or show something of their dormant title Agent, either is possible though Rockstar is notoriously secretive of it's projects, we could also see Max Payne 3. Duke nukem forever will be released the week after so they will have something to play at E3 but I don't tihnk it will be at the top of anyone's lists.

Capcom looks to be rather dissapointing. They have gone out and said to “keep your expectations in check” which means there will be little to no surprises. DMC will most likely be playable and there is the rumour of the first 3 Devil May Cry games coming in a collection on PS3, which would be a nice little surprise but nothing major. We can also expect to see lots of resident Evil, but thats no news to anyone.

Square-Enix could have many good games on show. I imagine they'll announce a new Tomb Raider and there are many rumours of a new Hitman game being announced. Deus Ex will be there and certainly playable and maybe Kingdom Hearts 3DS but I'm not 100% on that. We might see some new info on Final Fantasy XIII-2, but their Japanese studios are famously slow at producing anything so it might not happen.

Bethesda will have Rage and Skyrim and possibly Prey 2 on show. It's looking like they want to put a big push behind skyrim as currently there are huge posters of it placed all around LA. Prey 2 has the most to offer in my opinion as there has been no game play video shown to the public yet, only screen shots and write up's. Other than those 3, I don't think Bethesda is going to be too impressive this year. They are still a relatively new publisher and have a lot to prove.

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