Friday, 10 June 2011

E3 Impressions: Final Round up

With E3 done and dusted, I thought it might be fun to go over the highlights of the show. The games that stuck out at me, the one’s that didn’t and the good stuff in between, I shall be going through it all. Please note that I of course didn’t get to play everything so there will be stuff missing from this post, I am sorry but I’m only human!

The biggest Surprise of the show for me goes to Ghost Recon: Online by the fact that it’s actually a great game! That might sound like a snarky comment, but it’s not. The game has a few things going against it, mainly the fact that it’s a free to play shooter. The only other games I can think of that fit into this category are the two pretty bad free Battlefield games. The fact that this game actually had a good amount of polish, was easy to control and, best of all, really fun to play make it a great experience, I hope to be playing it soon.

One game I think everyone should try out is Bastion, from Super Giant Games. This game was really cool and fun to play and takes some good steps towards originality. It’s a great little hack and slash game with some brilliant voice acting and narration, defiantly worth your time. The game will be on Xbox live when it comes out so when it does, just give the demo a try, I think it’s worth at least that.

This might hold bias thanks to the situation I was put in to play, but my biggest disappointment of the show was the PSP Vita. The games on show, while a little cool, didn’t really grab me at all but the worst part is, I only got to play each one for 4 minutes. The way which Sony had us move around the area made the whole experience a little jarring, 4 minutes was nowhere near enough time to play one game and get a decent opinion of it. I’m hoping that it was just a victim of circumstance and that most of the games, with more time are actually great, but I’m going to have to be convinced now.

Now on to my best discovery, this is a game that I knew nothing about beforehand, not even its existence only to find it on the show floor and have a great time with it: Rhythm Heaven on the Wii. This game was great fun and brilliant in its simplicity. I thought the DS and even the GBA original were great games, and the idea of a Wii version really excites me.

Next is game with most potential, this is a game that while not brilliant, I think could be a really good product when it comes out given enough time, this goes to Binary Domain. This game had a great idea with its voice commands for squad members, and is much better and less tacked on than the similar features available in Mass Effect 3. There was also a really good amount of polish to the game that you rarely see in most games from Sega. The controls, while not perfect, worked ok and the framerate was rock solid. It certainly had some room for improvement but with enough time, it could fill that room and be a great game.

Now my worst game goes to a game that really lacked everything in terms of originality, and polish: Inversion. While the concept of the game is pretty cool, it falls flat when the actual shooting and controls are pretty bad, not to mention the multiplayer which should not have been at the show in my opinion. The multiplayer was completely unoriginal standard third person shooting with bad controls and made little to no use of the gravity shifting concept. There was no shooting enemies who are affected by gravity that’s at a right angle to you, only a small area that is weightless, some very poor use of what is a really cool idea.

Finally, my personal best game of the show goes to SSX. Many might be surprised by this decision because we’ve seen so little of it at the show and it can’t possibly hold a candle to the likes of Bioshock Infinite or Mass Effect 3, and you might be right, but I didn’t get to see those games. SSX has some great potential, even at this very early stage in development. It showed a good amount of polish and it’s clear that the vision is there to make a true homage to SSX3. I shall certainly be getting this game when it comes out.

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