Thursday, 9 June 2011

E3 Impressions: Day 3

E3 is over and done with! I am all tired out and completely dead, yet its also sad to see it end, roll on next year I say! My day was full of cool games and I even managed to get a go with the Wii U! So here are some impressions.

The first thing I went to immediately was the Nintendo booth to get my hands on the Wii U. I somehow managed to avoid a huge long wait and got my hands on some of the games on show. The first game was a small proof of concept style thing called Battle Mii, a game where two players use Wii controllers while one uses the Wii U controller. The two players with Wii controllers play the game like a shooter, using the IR pointer to point and shoot and the nun chuck attachment to move the character around on foot, they’re objective is to shoot down the third player. The player with the Wii U controller looks only at the controller screen and moves around the arena in a space ship, looking to shoot the other players. I found this to be a really fun game, the separation of the players through the controller screen really added a game play element that you just can’t get anywhere else.

The next game was Chase Mii, a 5 player game with 4 players on Wii remotes. This game involved the player with the Wii U controller running around an arena, trying to hide and evade the other players. The Wii U user has a top down view of the arena and a map showing the location of all the players, while the other players only have a view from a third person perspective. This made for a very fun game and provided some great moments of shouting and excitement while playing.

The last game I played was dubbed only “Shield Position” this was a rhythm game that involved using the Wii U controller to block arrows that were being fired at you by evil ghost pirates! It uses the sensors in the controller to create a method of viewing the world around you, you essentially use the controller like a viewing window, you move it around yourself to look around the area. The idea of the game was to point the controller at any incoming arrows and then shaking them off, all in time to the beat that is playing. I have to say, I loved this game, but then I have a soft spot for rhythm games. It was really fun to play and I look forward to seeing all these games in whatever mini game collection will come out for the Wii U.

After my long stint at the Nintendo booth, I decided it was time to move on and hit up the Konami booth for some Metal Gear Solid: Snake Eater 3D for 3DS. This game was extremely disappointing to me, both on a game play and a technical level. The game is a complete port of Metal Gear Solid 3 and seems to be very accurate in that regard, but the controls are just bad. You move around with the analogue stick and you use the X A B Y buttons to control the camera, with L and R used for combat functions and the Dpad for switching weapons. While these controls would make the most sense for such a port, they just don’t work all that well. The frame rate was also quite bad, much choppier that I would have expected, but it is very possible that technical issues like that will be resolved before release.

I then paid a quick visit to the Sega booth and had a go with House of the Dead: Overkill: Extended Cut. This game was pretty cool, it was a rail shooter using the Playstation Move controller to literally point and shoot at enemies. These enemies were mainly zombies and demons which would explode into fountains of blood once shot. The game was pretty fun and goofy in its own way. It has a mock 70s grindhouse cinema style to it with flickering and scratching effects, as well as acting and standards to match. This even came across in the 3D effects in the game, at points, a boss zombie would scream and stretch it’s hand out of the screen, the sort of goofy effect one might expect from that era of film! It was fun to play, however it suffered from issues thanks to the move controllers slow pointer.

To finish my trip to E3, I decided to head over to the Dance Central 2 booth with the intention of making a fool of myself, but what met me was going to blow my plans out of the water! When I got to the booth, I found two people wearing headgear to make them look like minecraft characters, what followed was one of the most insane things I saw at the show, They proceeded to play dance central, and it was hilarious and was a great way to end the show! I shall be uploading a video of this magic to youtube soon.

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