Tuesday, 7 June 2011

E3 impressions: Day 1

Just finished up my first day on the show floor at E3 and let me say, it was utter chaos! The most fun chaos I’ve ever had though. There were a lot of games to play so I’ve decided to pretty much act like this is a diary and give short previews or every game I played.

First thing I played was Resident Evil: Operation Racoon City. This is a multiplayer based game set alongside the events of the various resident evil games in Racoon City. You, along with 3 other people, play as what looks like a special ops team sent out to complete arious objectives. The game play is very similar to most third person shooters, and even allows you to shoot and run at the same time! I wasn’t very impressed by this game, as it does nothing new.

I then went on to see a demo of the new SSX game. Immediately, it was obvious that the developers wanted to distance the game from its original trailer, talking about fun and ridiculous tricks. They showed off the 3 modes: race it, trick it and survive it. Race it is what you might expect, start at the top of a mountain and then get down to the bottom first. Trick it is all about getting as many tricks in before getting to the bottom of the mountain, the best part is if you accumulate a big combo in the air, the moment you land, the track shifts and changes to help you do more tricks. Survive it is the brand new mode to the series. They talked about how they made a realistic snow and avalanche system, survive it is all about just getting down to the bottom alive. After this talk, I got to play a little and the controls felt really nice and smooth. This is definatley a game I will be getting excited about.

After that, I had a walk around the Microsoft booth and played a little Ms Splosion Man. This game is pretty much like the original with a few added features. The game is just as hard as ever, having only one button to “’splode” which is essentially a jump button. It’s very very timing based and tough at the same time, I died many times while playing. The multiplayer is like this as well but much harder at you’re now trying to coordinate with someone else! I had fun playing, I’m certainly hopeful for this game.

Then I headed over o the Square-Enix booth to play Deus Ex. This game looks like a true return to form for Deus Ex. The mission was to enter a warehouse and save some hostages. Much like in the original, the demo started out with some dialogue where you choose how to approach the mission in terms of back up and what weapons you get at the start. This game really takes its cues from the original, I have to say I’m glad of this and very much looking forward to the game.

I then moved on to the Sega booth to play a bunch of games. Anarchy Reigns was pretty fun, the demo I played was a 4 player multiplayer against 3 other guys. The gameplay is reminiscent of god hand with an over the shoulder camera and light and heavy combo attacks. It was fun for a bit but it didn’t last even till the end of the round, I got quite bored.

One surprise was Binary domain, a standard third person shooter but with voice controls. You can yell squad commands and orders. The controls weren’t perfect, I was often running into walls and straight into enemies. Even with those issues, it had an incredible amount of polish that is rarely seen, especially in Sega games. This really has potential to be a great game.

Finally I saw one which a lot of people have been looking for, Sonic generations. Unfortunately, I only got the chance to play it in 3D. I have to say I was very disappointed, it ran very slowly, and was glitchy as well as giving me headaches. Maybe it’ll be better in 2D but I rarely get excited of Sonic games anymore.

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