Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Breaking News: You Should buy Psychonauts!

Ok so this is really more of an excuse for me to just ramble on about how great Psychonauts is, but Anna Kipnis, a programmer at double fine tweeted this "Omg Double Fine is now the sole publisher of Psychonauts!! If you buy it now (on Steam, for instance), the proceeds go to us! ". So this means that all money made from purchases goes directly to the people that made it now instead of going to the publisher. You can buy the game right here on steam for only £6!

For a long time, I've thought of Psychonauts as one of the best games of last generation. The story and world that it was set in was so interesting and nothing like i'd ever seen before. Not only that, but, through it's premise of going into other people's minds, it creates such variety in it's many levels that is just not seen any more in games.

It also seems that an announcement of a remake may be imminent, with a follow up tweet from the same programmer a couple of hours later "Hang on guys! Don’t rush out to buy Psychonauts just yet. Jumped the gun. *Exciting DF Official Announcement* coming!!". A remake or re release of this game would definitely be something that I'd be excited for, but contrary to her tweet, I think it's a great idea for anyone to buy that game, even if a re make is coming. It's aged pretty well and is still fun to play in my opinion, so I say skip lunch for today and buy psychonauts instead.

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