Sunday, 22 May 2011

Now where were we?

Ok, so It's been a While since I last posted, 1 and a half years in fact. What have I done in that time? Well quite a bit, but also not that much in the grand scheme of things. I'm back though, and that's what matters most to the extremely few that follow me!
Why the sudden re start in blog? Well I decided that just bumming around and just having opinions about games was getting me nowhere. So I might as well write it all down so people can read that I have opinions. Though I have to say that this restart was mostly spurned by the fact that I won a ticket to E3! I decided that I should make something of this and start posting news and opinions somewhere on the internet.
Hence, you shall begin to see more posts from me over time. I'll be writing reviews as well as posting any news that I feel is worth talking about. This starts from today, I'll try to keep up consistent blog posts and hopefully people shall like it.

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