Tuesday, 31 May 2011

E3 Predictions: Sony

It’s now 6 days till E3 starts! I shall soon be in LA looking at all the latest games and hearing announcements. So I decided that it might be worth my time to write down what I predict will be happening next week.

Today, It’s Sony’s turn. Last year, the Playstation Move controller, while not selling as well as Microsoft’s Kinect, managed to exceed sales expectations. I think because of this, we are very likely to see more Move enabled games from E3 such as Sorcery, which seems to have vanished since last year’s E3 but I’m hopeful that it’ll be there this year with a release date. We are also likely to see a good few new announcements in terms of move title’s, since there doesn’t seem to be anything else announced and Sony would be mad to ignore the millions who bought a move.

Along with any move titles, we’re bound to see many of the big games that have already been announced. Uncharted 3 and Resistance 3 are sure to be big hits there, especially with the uncharted 3 beta details being announced yesterday (June 28th it starts for PS+ subscribers, July 4th for everyone else) excitement for that is going to be high. Sony will also be sure to announce a few more new games for ps3 as well, though predicting what those are is pure guesswork right now.

The Xperia Play should be there in some form as well. It could be only mentioned in some sales data or it could have a bigger part at E3 this year. We could see new features and games announced for it. Since it’s already known that there will be support for select PS2 games on it, E3 would be the perfect time to announce some of those games.

The biggest presence of this year’s press conference though will be the NGP. Since Sony aim to have it out before the end of this year in Japan at least, I’m willing to bet that this is where the big announcements will be. We will see launch games, features, an actual name for the device and, most importantly of all, I think it will be playable on the show floor. If Sony want to have it out this year or early next year in other territories, then this is the place to start letting people play with the device.

The PSP will barely get any mention whatsoever if any. The PSP has generally been a complete disaster for Sony with piracy issues and hence a lack of games, there have been little to no games of note out last year and none announced. The biggest PSP related presence will be the PSP re-masters that were announced last week, and they’re not even PSP games, just PSP games that have been made compatible on PS3. I don’t like to say it, but I think the PSP shall no longer be mentioned as a console.

For games and features, we could see quite a lot from Sony, there is very little known or rumoured about their E3 presence, so they are the most likely to surprise. We all know that Nintendo will have Project Cafe and there are plenty of rumours around Microsoft that are probably all true, the only rumour I’ve about Sony is that there will be 3 games announced from them. Sony could have the chance to turn all their negative press around.

Finally, there is the rather massive issue of the Playstation Network. While Online has been back up for the past week, as of writing, the store is still down after Sony set a target of “before the end of May”. Sony could gloss over this issue or not mention it at all, or they could completely tackle it head on. They could address the issue, tell us exactly what happened, why it took so long and what they’ve done to prevent it happening again and it would be the best possible thing them to do in my opinion. If they don’t, I imagine a lot of people will lose trust in Sony, which would form a huge amount of bad press, you can’t ignore losing 70 million people’s personal info and get away with it.

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