Tuesday, 31 May 2011

E3 Predictions: Nintendo

It’s now 5 Days till E3 starts and with rumours forming and spreading around, it’s hard not to get excited. As a result of this excitement, I have decided that it might be fun to write down my predictions for what will happen next week over the course of this week.

Nintendo is up today, and they probably have the most to prove. While last year’s press conference was absolutely brilliant with announcements and great games shown, the sales numbers were not as spectacular. While by no means bad, Nintendo’s sales have been on a very slow decline even with games like Donkey Kong Country and Epic Mickey.

This year, I imagine Nintendo will be showing relatively little with regards to the Wii. With sales going down and the announcement of Project Cafe, the Wii looks to b on the way out. That’s not to say it won’t have a presence, Zelda Skyward Sword will definitely be there and we will probably see some new announcements for the system but I don’t think anything earth shattering will come from there.
The DS will also have a smaller presence this year. Nintendo will want to shift attention towards the 3DS and so we will see very little in terms of big announcements from there. What we will probably see is one or two big games being announced for the system at best, or maybe a couple of interesting DSiware games. Nintendo will probably want to drive attention away from the DS, let’s not forget that this system is nearly 7 years old now.

One thing that will have a good presence this year is the 3DS. There are currently very few games for the system, so I can see many announcements and demos coming from them that has the possibility to blow us away. Kid Icarus and the 3DS Mario game that we have seen very little of so far will be the big games for the 3DS. These games will be the main pieces of this year’s show, and should, at the very least, be playable. Let’s also not forget that they’ll be releasing the store update just before the press conference, so there should be a slew of new games for people to play. The 3DS is where we should see the most announcements for Nintendo I think, a new system with few games this close after launch is prime for new projects and announcements.

By far the biggest presence for Nintendo this year shall be Project Cafe. Having so far only announced that it’ll be there, much like they did with the 3DS last year. I imagine that it will be will be there in a big way, we will see game announcements, all the features, probably a name and it will be playable (not much a prediction since it was already announced that it was going to be playable). Most likely, we will see a Mario or a Metroid game for the launch of this console and will be playable on the show floor. Nintendo will want to have a marquee title that people can point at to see the power of their new machine. For sure, this will be Nintendo’s attempt to be best of the show and it could work if Sony and Microsoft end up disappointing people.

Nintendo’s presence this year has the potential to be great. With a new system to be officially announced and playable at the show, along with another system that has only recently come out. I imagine a lot of games will be announced on all systems and, if the showing from Project Cafe is good, Nintendo could end up with the most exciting press conference of the big 3. I shall be watching in anticipation.

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