Monday, 30 May 2011

E3 Predictions: Microsoft

E3 is next week! This time next week, I shall be at the Galen centre in Los Angeles seeing all the latest announcements from them. So in the run up to E3, I thought it worth jotting down my predictions for what will happen and what will be announced. Over this week I shall be going through the main companies and writing what I think is going to happen concerning them.

Microsoft is first up. Having come off huge sales from the Kinect, the
y are bound to announce new games for it, not to mention showing off current announcements like Child of Eden, and maybe even a return from Milo. There is also very likely to be an announcement of whatever Rare’s next game is, be it Kinect Sports 2, another franchise, or even a brand new IP. All 3 of these will probably use Kinect in a big way since Rare is seen as the go to developer for Kinect stuff right now. Kinect is very likely to be a big part of their press conference since it has been such a hit.

There will also be a desire to appeal to the “hardcore gamer” so I fully expect there to be plenty of Modern Warfare 3 along with Gears of War 3. There is also the much rumoured Alan Wake downloadable sequel that I personally am looking forward to, though I’m most looking forward to this ongoing rumour of a remake of the original Halo. This is something fans have been asking for since the Xbox 360 was launched, but have been constantly met with a flat “no” from Bungie. Though now Bungie is no longer in charge of Halo, it seems the answers of no have gone silent with rumours of a remake growing and growing, and an announcement seeming more and more likely.

This brings me on to my next point, Bungie is sure to be there in some capacity. Be it just a short announcement or teaser of their next project. Activision is sure to be publicising it’s deal with Bungie as much as possible, so be sure to expect nothing less than a presence from Bungie. What will be very interesting is if we see them turn up in Sony’s press conference.

It’s also worth thinking if Respawn Entertainment will be there in any capacity. It’s been nearly two years since the heads of Infinity Ward split with around two thirds of the team to form Respawn, that’s the kinda time it takes for a good team to make something like Modern Warfare 2. I’m not saying that we’re going to see a Christmas that pits Modern Warfare 3 against Respawn’s project, but I do think it’s possible that an announcement will be made. I could be wrong though, current legal disputes could slow down their production along with the challenges that accompany starting up a new company. What’s most likely is that Respawn will have a game ready for Christmas 2012 to go possibly go against Bungie’s project, and it might be the case that neither of these are announced till next year’s E3.

Finally, there are also media features to consider, Microsoft has always made non gaming related Xbox announcements at E3. There could be more TV and music services announced such as you tube or maybe even some sort of TV streaming. Microsoft did have some form of TV streaming in the works just after it launched, even going as far as to announce a deal with BT, but we’ve heard nothing in many years. It is possible that we could see it’s return, though probably not likely.

There’s sure to be a few surprise announcements as well, I’m also hoping they give out free Xboxes again or something similar. It’s guaranteed to be a good press conference and I’m sure there will be plenty of good stuff.

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