Friday, 27 May 2011

David O. Russell No Longer Making Uncharted Movie

Here is some good news for fans of uncharted. David O. Russell is no longer behind the Uncharted movie citing creative differences with Sony.

I have to imagine the "creative differences with Sony" means someone with some sanity and power saw what he was creating and that it was nothing like the source material. in an interview with IGN earlier in the year, he talked about a "Family dynamic" and how his kid loved playing it. I'm willing to bet that he didn't take much of a look at the game, if at all.

What he had been describing for his movie was nothing like Uncharted, and while I think it's ok if he were to change some characters and story elements to better suit a movie. All he seemed to be describing though was a desire to create his own project The Fighter, with names of characters swapped out with the characters from Uncharted. While I can't speak for the quality of a film I know absolutely nothing about, I'm sure the Fighter will be a great film, but its not what Uncharted is. Uncharted is basically Indiana Jones meets Die Hard while The Fighter sounds more like a movie adaptation of The Sopranos.

So I'm not saddened by this news of no director, In fact I'm more excited for the movie than ever. It means that there is someone at Sony who actually wants to make a movie that is true to the source material and that source material is just so prime to have a movie made out of. I cannot wait, even if it'll take many years.

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