Thursday, 8 October 2009

Smoke me a Kipper skipper

It's 1am and I'm up thinking about the task thats been set out for our group in GDT. Our tast is, as a whole (thats like 24 of us), we have to recreate the ship Red Dwarf in UnrealEd with each person being given an area to do. I've been tasked with recreating the captains office which you get to see in season 8, You can catch glimpses of it in this youtube video.

There isn't much to go by, but I've managed to get down a rough sketch from each side which I can really help me out. This has got me rather on edge, since it's a team project, we're all responsible. If one guy messes up, then it's a fail for all of us, and this thing is worth 10% of our grade for the module. We'll see how it goes, good night for now!

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