Monday, 19 October 2009

What is the Matrix?

Ever wondered what the fourth dimension is? did you just answer "I already know what the fourth dimension is, it's time!"? Well if you did, then go slap yourself with a wet fish because you're compleatly wrong! Like the second dimension is to the first and the third dimension is to the second and first, the fourth dimension is perpendicular to the first, second and third dimensions. "Hang on a sec, thats impossible!" I hear you cry, well it's only impossible to your poor 3D mind, if we were all 4D beings then we'd be able to interperate it brilliantly. You're probably thinking "Well what does a 4D object look like then?" well the best representation is below... are you ready to have your mind blown?

...... you sure?

you got a headache yet? because I did when I first saw it.

So what has this got to do with my work? well on tuesday, in Intro to 3D programming I was working with 4 dimensional matrices. A matrix is essentially an arrangement of numbers set out on a grid, usually to represent a shape with cartesian coordinates. Since i'm still reletively new to blogger, and I can't write out some appropriate formatting, I'll show this example I found on google images.

The first 2 matrices are showing how a matrix is layed out, the third one is showing the addition of two matrices while the third is showing how to multiply a matrix by a number, some pretty basic stuff.

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