Tuesday, 6 October 2009

And so it begins..

Welcome stranger to my blog. Hopefully this introduction post is entertaining enough for the world to judge me as good....or maybe not, we'll see!

I'm just starting out my second year of Computer Games Programming at Derby University (henceforth known as CGP), and I plan to be using this to show off the work i'm doing/will be going through over the next year. This blog will be what you might call a 'professional' blog (if you WANT to act all grown up about it), I also have a personal blog somewhere out there on the internet, but the less said about that, the better ;-). For the first semester, the modules I'll be reffering to in my posts will be:
  • Introduction to 3D graphics programming
  • Game Development Techniques
  • Console Development
I may also, from time to time, show off prototypes or 'toys' that I made during my first year which are kinda fun to mess around with for a few minutes.

With that, I'll be off and hope to make a new post when the time comes. Maybe tomorrow? goodbye!

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